Transitioning from the MapleZ Gold

Some skaters have tried to switch from the MapleZ Gold to the EVO blade line. Many were able to do so, but a handful of skaters found the transition to be difficult. At this time, MapleZ Golds are no longer in production.

Nagano 341.70 4

Rest assured, Skate Tec NL has these skaters covered through the creation of the Skate Tec Nagano. The Skate Tec Nagano is a sensation reminiscent of Maple’s Gold Blades but with a runner and pre-bend found on the M-Wave, Argon and QuarQ models, which means exceptional glide and consistent pre-bend. The blade features the same concepts and construction as the MapleZ Gold with a shiny new finish. If skaters require heightened cups, the Skate Tec Nagano can deliver. 

General product information

Blade Name Skate Tec Nagano 
Tube7000 Aluminum anodised tube
Pillar hight36mm 
Tube hight middle24mm
 Blade1,1mm tick, 62HRC BiMetal
62HRC BiMetal maintains excellent edge quality and sharpness
Type of bent Pre-bent
Extras5.5/5.0 inch mount spaced blades are available upon special request
CupsOur innovative cup system provides strong mounting interface for simple and efficient set-up and adjustment
Hight options:  -1 until +10
 Angled cups are available upon special request
Sizes14” to 18”