Some skaters have tried to switch from the MapleZ Gold to the EVO blade line. Many were able to do so, but a handful of skaters found the transition to be difficult. At this time, MapleZ Golds are no longer in production. Rest assured, Skate-Tec has their skaters covered through the creation of the Skate-Tec Nagano. Designed by the designer and founder of Maple, this blade features all the same concepts and construction as the MapleZ Gold, with a shiny new finish!

Nagano vs M-Wave Flex
Nagano Front
Firm Radius
Flex icon

The tube profile of the Nagano is comparable to that of the M-Wave Flex. This means they behave in a similar way, and are especially suited for lighter skaters.


M-Wave height comparison

The height of the Nagano is similar to previous Maple shorttrack blades. It is 8mm lower than the standard M-Wave.
By default the Nagano can be tuned to a lower cup height.

Curved Top

Nagano curved top

The top of the Nagano is curved from the tip to the back. The curved tip distributes the stuffness to where it is needed most; in the middle. Having a curved top makes the tube hold its form better, while keeping enough flex for control.